Sheffield Star readers believe pubs re-opened too soon as punters test positive for Covid-19

Pubs in England re-opened too soon after the coronavirus lockdown measures were eased at the weekend, according to a poll carried out by The Star.

Thursday, 9th July 2020, 5:44 pm

Venues and establishments across the country welcomed their first punters in more than three months on Saturday after the Government relaxed a number of social distancing guidelines in a bid to kick-start the economy.

But some pubs have since closed their doors again after customers tested positive for Covid-19.

And in a poll carried out by The Star on our Twitter and Facebook pages which asked readers if it was too soon for pubs to re-open at the weekend, 73 per cent of people on Twitter said it was and 77 per cent of followers on Facebook agreed.

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Sheffield Star readers believe pubs re-opened too soon last weekend. (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

On Twitter, 1,869 followers voted in the poll – which was carried out over a 24-hour period between Tuesday and Wednesday of this week – and more than 2,300 people responded on Facebook.

Mark Hilton on Twitter said he believed the re-opening of pubs had taken place too soon, but said: “Very encouraged by the three clubs that immediately closed after customers reported symptoms to them.

“If we can rely on all publicans to follow suit, then (the) problem has dissipated.”

And John Owen in response to our survey question wrote: “Not one Asda, Morrisons, Tesco or Sainsbury’s had a single case that made them close down whilst open all the time in the middle of the 16-week pandemic when transmission was greatest. But we get three pubs within days of reopening when transmission is at its lowest. What’s the odds on that?”

On Facebook, Rianna Kay said: “Definitely for pubs. People can’t social distance when sober how are they expected to when not?”

But Jo Armitage posted: “There is little point in crippling the economy with lockdowns when there are literally millions of people worldwide with this virus.

"You could put army on the streets, close every shop in the country and force the people to stay indoors and it would achieve nothing. As soon as the airport's open, a businessman from Indonesia or a tourist from Argentina will walk straight into the country and the cycle will begin again.

"Nothing will stop this pandemic. It is far too late. It will run its course until the majority of the population has been infected and developed immunity.”

Tens of thousands of people flocked to venues across England on Saturday as pubs and restaurants opened after the three-month hiatus.

Police forces made a number of arrests nationwide, but said the majority of people had acted responsibly.