Sheffield shops ‘at risk’ as new store given go-ahead

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed at the Jet petrol station in Crosspool
Coun Shaffaq Mohammed at the Jet petrol station in Crosspool
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Plans to knock down the ‘last filling station’ on a main road out of Sheffield have been given the go-ahead.

The BP Crosspool garage on Manchester Road - the last petrol station motorists can use on the way to Manchester before Glossop - is going to be knocked down to make way for a convenience store.

More than 100 objections were received by the council when the application was submitted, mainly relating to concerns over an increase in traffic, parking problems and the threat the store will pose to existing shops in Crosspool.

Planning committee member Coun Geoff Smith said at this month’s planning meeting: “I think it’s detrimental to the area for two main reasons - the traffic problems and the impact on the local shopping centre.

“Manchester Road is a very busy road, particularly at school opening and closing times.

“I’m not convinced there will be no increase in traffic with the proposed store. If there isn’t, I would question the commercial acumen of the developers because they will need a considerable increase in trade to be viable.”

Coun Smith said Crosspool was lucky to have a variety of independent shops and he was concerned a new supermarket nearby could mean they will lose custom.

He said: “It wouldn’t take much of a drop-off in trade to create risks to those shops. The supermarket is close enough to be a risk to the existing shops.

“It will increase an already difficult traffic situation on a very busy road and will put at risk the vitality and viability of what is an important local shopping centre.”

But planning officer Trevor Sullivan said: “There are already high levels of traffic on Manchester Road. We are fully aware of how busy it is but it’s not going to be a significant increase.”

The planning approval paves the way for the existing sales kiosk, canopy and pumps to be demolished to make way for a new convenience store and ten car parking spaces. The store is expected to sell everyday items such as groceries, alcohol, soft drinks, newspapers and cigarettes.