Sheffield road markings under fire

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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MARKINGS on a Sheffield road have been branded among the worst in the country.

Looking at more than 4,500 miles of white lines across major routes in Britain, the survey by the Road Safety Markings Association found 38 per cent of English motorways and 36 per cent of Highways Agency-maintained English dual carriageways were in need of immediate or scheduled repairs.

According to the survey, the poorest dual-carriageway stretch in England was the A630 from the M1 to Sheffield.

The Highways Agency is responsible for England’s motorways and major A-roads and George Lee, association national director, said there was ‘clear evidence of significant decline’ in agency markings.

He said: “Our report shows national standards are not being enforced and that the quality of road markings is declining at an alarming rate.

“We strongly suspect that the layers of bureaucracy built into the system of maintaining agency roads is stifling results. Taxpayers are paying, but the funds are simply not going on the roads.”