Sheffield gambling campaigner to travel to Downing Street

Adam Bradford
Adam Bradford
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A Sheffield campaigner will deliver a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron tomorrow calling for an independent inquiry into gambling addiction.

Adam Bradford will travel to Downing Street to hand deliver the letter making a fresh call for help in tackling gambling addiction.

The 22-year-old, of Waterthorpe, has been fighting for change in the gambling industry after his dad David was jailed for fraud last year.

David, aged 58, had stolen money from his employers to fund a secret addiction to gambling which had spiralled out of control.

He stole £50,000 to fund his addiction and his family face losing their home of 30 years after discovering he had re-mortgaged it to pay off his debts.

In the last 12 months, Adam has launched a campaign to raise awareness of gambling addiction and pushed for tighter controls of the industry products, advertising and greater treatment for addicts.

In April, he wrote an open letter to political party leaders calling for stricter regulation and controls over the industry.

Prime Minister David Cameron pledged support – and said the government wanted to see the industry do more to recognise and mitigate the dangers.

He said a review was being launched into gambling advertising, covering the watershed and sign-up offers.

Adam also gained the support of Sheffield’s NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, which is helping to raise awareness of gambling addiction.

He will travel to London tomorrow to deliver a letter to Mr Cameron asking for a meeting to put forward concerns and suggestions to improve the industry’s social responsibilty and to push for an independent inquiry.

Adam said: “I am very grateful to the Prime Minister for his support earlier on this year, however his words are not enough.

“We need to see forward-thinking political action to tackle this growing problem.

“Over the past year I’ve seen countless tragedies and harrowing stories come to light which highlight the dangers of gambling addiction.

“Not enough is being done to tackle the dangers and I want to see David Cameron deliver on the words he said to me back in May.”