Sheffield firm makes history as first corporate subscriber to The Star

A Sheffield boss has written his name into history with The Star’s first corporate subscription.

Friday, 18th December 2020, 12:53 pm

Anthony Hinchliffe bought multiple website licences for Ant Marketing staff saying ‘independent journalism must be supported at all costs’.

Only The Star covered what was really going on in the city - including Covid figures and the impact of the pandemic.

He added: “I genuinely believe The Star is the biggest brand in Sheffield and must be supported at all costs.

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Anthony Hinchliffe is The Star's first corporate subscriber. Picture: Chris Etchells

“Independent journalism is essential to get an honest perspective on what’s happening in this great city. It’s a huge part of the community, relied on by generations of people. Anything I can do to work with The Star and be part of its future I will.”

Corporate subscriptions offer discounts of between 20 and 90 per cent, unlimited access to a faster-loading website, 70 per cent fewer adverts and exclusive content. From two to 30,000 licences can be purchased.

The scheme is a new venture in response to changing times.

Sales of the paper have fallen because the shops have been shut. Advertising has declined because companies have been closed.

Anthony Hinchliffe, third from right, with Ant Marketing staff in pre-Covid times. Picture: Chris Etchells.

Mr Hinchliffe’s call centre and social media monitoring company employs 1,200 and looks after brands including Heinz, Nestle and Britvic.

He said he received a positive response from staff who were interested in news, sport features and charity and community events they could get involved in.

He added: “It was relatively inexpensive and shows we are thinking about colleagues.

“For goodness’ sake we can’t afford to lose The Star. I know some companies can’t afford it and have other priorities, but if you’ve had a half reasonable year help The Star have a half reasonable one too.”

The Star has published independent, impartial news for more than 130 years.

But today the world is beset by fake news published to create confusion, hate and division.

That’s why more and more people feel our job has never been so important. This year, supporters including Jill Thomas of Future Life Wealth Management, Samantha Dixon of Weston Park Cancer Charity, David Cross of Sky-House, Dan Kirkland of Tribepad and organisations from City Taxis to the University of Sheffield.

They are part of a new movement keen to strengthen our society. Will you join them?