Sheffield entrepreneurs urged ‘have a go’

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I know of a man who started a business that failed.

He then started another one which is currently a huge success.

What an inspirational story.

But will he talk about it for an article? No way.

Something that comes up regularly in discussions about how the city - or the country come to that - can get ahead in business, is overcoming the stigma of failure.

That - and fear of failure in the first place - are seen to be holding us back.

I also keep hearing that Americans, by contrast, have no such misgivings. They are more gung ho in the first place and see no shame in going bust.

You are far more likely to succeed in business if it’s your second time around, according to Edward Highfield, director of Sheffield City Council’s economic development arm, Creative Sheffield.

Mr Anonymous, above, demonstrates this theory.

But once young people - or indeed anyone - has set up in business there appears to be money and, as importantly, good advice out there.

At the Future MADE event, at the Showroom, a panel of teenage start-ups told the audience stories about the assistance they’d had.

At the same event, Apprentice winner Yasmina Siadatan was plugging the Government-backed Start-Up Loans company which has given out a staggering £52m in more than 10,500 loans.

And now comes news Sheffield is to host the British Business Bank to fill the gap left by high street banks who refuse to lend to SMEs.

Good ideas are ten a penny, we’re told, so now more than ever the message seems to be that would-be entrepreneurs just need to ‘have a go’.