Sheffield community food business supports the disadvantaged and takes the stress out of cooking

A community food business which provides opportunities for disadvantaged people is taking the stress out of cooking for customers and food outlets.

By Jon Cooper
Monday, 7th June 2021, 6:00 am

Everything But the Meat, which is currently based at The Pavilion, at St Mary’s Church, on Bramall Lane, started before the Covid-19 pandemic but is re-launching as people come back together for Sunday dinners, and as cafes and restaurants re-open.

Chef and businessman Lee Vintin founded the project after providing work opportunities for the less fortunate during his restaurant and catering career.

He said: “I cannot turn people into Gordon Ramsay overnight but we have to work out what people can and cannot do. It’s a good crack and everyone is learning and hopefully we can earn some more money and get more and more people involved and encourage people to get into the restaurant business.”

Everything but the Meat community business.Jack Taylor. Picture Scott Merrylees

The 51-year-old teamed-up with training agency Yes2Ventures, of Neepsend, Sheffield after he had an idea of starting a business that would provide basic kitchen skills for disadvantaged staff who could learn to prepare, chop, peel and slice vegetables and foods for customers.

Lee’s project, which has attracted various funding, was based at the Regather community centre, on London Road, Sheffield, but after Covid-19 created difficulties the venture moved to St Mary’s Church and is planning to move to the Yes2Ventures Social, on Snig Hill, Sheffield.

Everything But the Meat helps those with a variety of issues, needs, and disabilities who are now supplying prepared food for bakeries, cafes, restaurants and people’s Sunday dinners.

For £15 Everything But the Meat provides a range of prepared Sunday dinner vegetables ready to cook for two to four people so customers can spend more time relaxing.

Everything but the Meat community business.Gary Salmon. Picture Scott Merrylees

The menu includes cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes, sage and onion stuffing, mashed potatoes, mixed greens, red cabbage and Yorkshire pudding.

Lee said: “It’s a cracking laugh because it is not the same pressure although it is still hard work for everyone.”

And even though it can be a steep learning curve, Lee believes everyone deserves a chance to learn and enjoy a sense of purpose.

Those interested in a delivery can contact Lee Vintin via the Yes2Ventures scheme on 0114 438 1410 / 07904 586584 or they can visit the Yes2Ventures website

Everything but the Meat community business. Lee Vintin.Picture Scott Merrylees