Sheffield ‘Cheese grater’ comes cool third

The cheese grater car park in Charles Street, Sheffield
The cheese grater car park in Charles Street, Sheffield
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Sheffield’s ‘cheese grater’ car park has been named the third coolest in the world.

The Charles Street car park was beaten only by car parks in France and America in the inaugural World’s Coolest Car Park Awards.

The winner was a structure at 1111 Lincoln Road in Miami, USA, which was praised for its ‘bold, innovative and striking design’.

Second place went to The Parc de Celestine in Lyon, France.

The competition was put together by firm in partnership with design magazines FX Design and Design Curial.

The judges considered thousands of car parks around the world and the shortlist was then whittled down to ten car parks which were judged by a panel of design experts.

Designed by architects Allies and Morrison, the judges said the design of the cheese grater turned a ‘traditional car park space into a visually striking building’.

The inaugural awards were created to celebrate the creativity and design in buildings ‘often perceived to be dull and dreary’, said the organisers.

David Greenbrown, founder of and assistant editor of FX Design said: “Selecting a winner for the inaugural World’s Coolest Car Park awards has not been an easy decision.

“Having started with car parks from all over the globe we have seen awe-inspiring parking buildings that are worthy of praise.”

He said the Miami car park won because it was a ‘wonderful building’ which also had a community programme attached to it.

Speaking about the cheese grater he added: “At first glance Charles Street Car Park in Sheffield appears to be a chic contemporary apartment block, when in fact it is a sleek, stylish parking building.”

Jamie Mitchell, assistant editor of FX Magazine, said: “While most of us have to park in utilitarian concrete hulks, the ten car parks in this shortlist show how imaginative and innovative these buildings can be.”