Sheffield calls to ditch car and axe pollution

Traffic queueing on Penistone Road in Sheffield
Traffic queueing on Penistone Road in Sheffield
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Campaigners are calling for motorists in Sheffield to ditch their vehicles for 24 hours and support a car-free day in Sheffield.

Dozens of people have signed an e-petition on Sheffield Council’s website, asking for Monday, September 22, to be made a car-free day in the city.

The World Carfree Network holds a car-free day every year to encourage people to use other modes of transport.

In a statement on the e-petition, creator Ian Ibbotson said: “Current issues with pollution are a major concern, with schools being told to keep children indoors and those with respiratory problems being warned to not exercise too vigorously.

“We need to encourage greater use of public transport and exercise.

“Having a car-free day will help citizens see the benefits of public transport, shortened journey times, cleaner air and exercise, and help create a more pleasant environment for the people of Sheffield.”