Chris Bellingham, of sponsor Rare Creative, with Richard Mills and Steve Thomas
Chris Bellingham, of sponsor Rare Creative, with Richard Mills and Steve Thomas
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A Sheffield inventor launched SleepCogni to combat years of sleep deprivation, with the help of Heaven 17 star Martyn Ware.

Richard Mills developed the pioneering product after battling with insomnia for many years.

The device, which features a hoop on an arm over the bed, produces sounds and light patterns designed to send people to sleep.

It also monitors heart rate, mental alertness, skin temperature and movement.

Richard, who lives in Oughtibridge, said: “I became convinced it wasn’t just the hour before bed that explained why I couldn’t fall asleep, it was the whole modern lifestyle.

“SleepCogni has proved successful in clinical trials and is endorsed by those who have seen it in action.”

Martyn Ware developed the sound element of SleepCogni. Sheffield Hallam University ran clinical trials which show 50 per cent of insomniacs reported better quality sleep while 40 per cent slept longer.

Richard also has the backing of acclaimed international sleep expert and founder of the London Sleep Centre Dr Irshaad Ebrahim - who said he gave SleepCogni his backing ‘within minutes’ of trying it.

The SleepCogni is Richard’s second invention after launching the Sheffield Business Award winning Swellaway.

His first invention is a hi-tech device that combats swelling, backed by England captain Wayne Rooney.

He added: “SleepCogni actually desensitizes the user through a mathematical sequence of sound and light patterns that use the opposite wavelengths to those that normally stimulate you.

“NASA has recently used the same LED technology on the international space station, which helps astronauts differentiate between day and night.

“It monitors the body and – unlike any other device on the market – interacts with it, to produce a programme of audio, visual and tactile cues to induce sleep.

“SleepCogni also works as a training programme, which means it becomes more effective the more it’s used.”