Secondhand savings get first class cover

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BUYING secondhand doesn’t mean selling your rights as a consumer.

Shoppers are covered by the same law purchasing used goods from a business as buying new.

Cash-strapped Samantha Cooke is battling to get a refund after splashing £130 on a dodgy secondhand washing machine.

The single mum-of-two, who has a son with autism and one who is physically disabled, says it failed to work properly from the day it was delivered.

The used Beko makes a loud rattling noise, leaves clothes soaking wet after a spin and it stinks, she claims.

Sam, aged 29, of Herries Road, Shirecliffe, is demanding her money back from the Sheffield shop where she bought it.

The Sale of Goods Act states that if an item - new or second hand - is not fit for purpose or faulty, you can demand a refund.

Samantha said: “This is causing me a lot of stress that I could do without, as my life difficult enough with everything I have to juggle.

“The shop has been fobbing me off for two weeks saying the boss is on holiday.”

Phil Glaves of Sheffield Trading Standards said as well as a refund the business must also cover the costs of collecting the item, chasing the refund and any interim arrangements she’d had to make.

He added: “For the first six months the trader has to prove the problem wasn’t there in the first place.”

Action Desk will be fighting for Samantha.