Scramble for jobs at South Yorkshire supermarket

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Hundreds of South Yorkshire’s jobless applied for just 17 jobs at a new supermarket.

A Tesco Express store opening in Rawmarsh, Rotherham, has received 200 applications – 11 applications for every vacancy.

Bosses say they are recruiting residents from the area to boost the local economy ahead of the branch opening on Tuesday, December 3.

But to the wider community the scramble for jobs paints a telling picture of bleak employment prospects across South Yorkshire.

The Star readers took to Facebook to voice their concern over the current crisis.

Matt Barlow said: “I’ve recently found a new job but I’ve also been banging my head against the brick wall that is the current job market for the past three years.

“I remember about 15 years ago walking into a pub to get some dinner and walking out with a job.

“Today you would have about 100 people fighting for the position, and recent experience tells me I wouldn’t have got it because I’m ‘over-qualified’.

“The government needs to do a hell of a lot more to attract investment in creating new jobs instead of just trying to demonise everyone who is unemployed.”

Rachael Pickin said: “My eldest is on a four-hour contract and is doing nine hours a week for next three weeks, so near to Christmas.

“He’s been looking and applying for multiple jobs, did three years of college and for what, to wash pots?”

Phil Foster added: “It’s a disgrace. Luckily I have a job now, but was unemployed for three years, not through choice.

“While I was unemployed I applied for anything and everything – at least 20 applications a week.”