Scheme aims to get Sheffield more social

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A new project has been launched to encourage more people to get out and socialise in Sheffield city centre.

The Inceptions Challenge brings together six teams of residents and students who aim to bring new life to the city centre.

The teams - working on venues, street-scene, community, events, safety and transport - are tasked with finding out what people want when going out in Sheffield. They then come up with ideas to meet these needs. Some of their ideas have already been presented to a panel of leaders including Justin Rowntree, owner of Silversmiths restaurant, and Rebecca Maddox, head of business development at Sheffield Council.

Mr Rowntree said: “Sheffield’s social scene is the heart and soul of the city and attracts visitors and residents alike. Investing in our social scene is an investment in the future of Sheffield.”

The scheme was set up by ASNED - a not-for-profit organisation that studies how the best cities in the world have developed their social scene. It then shares these insights with cities in the UK.

ASNED’s chief executive Mick Biggs said: “Inceptions comes to Sheffield at a crucial time. In the last couple of years, several independent restaurants have been forced to close due to lack of city centre footfall. These problems are preventable if we work together. With Inceptions, we’re able to draw on knowledge from the best cities in the world and use these insights, coupled with ideas from local people, to boost economic growth.”

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