Residents object as bar bids to open until 4am

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RESIDENTS are opposing applications by city centre bars to open every night until as late as 4am claiming rowdy revellers may disturb their sleep.

The 1970s and 80s-themed venue Reflex and Flares, on Holly Street, stops serving at 2am on Sunday and Thursday, 1am Mondays to Wednesdays, and 3am Fridays and Saturdays - but bosses want to serve until 3am each night.

And owners of the Viper Lounge and Viper Rooms, on Carver Street, want to serve booze until 4am each night instead of 3.30am.

Both applications are to be considered by councillors at a meeting of Sheffield Council’s licensing board on Tuesday.

Five people have objected to the Reflex and Flares plan.

Andrew Jeffrey, of West Point apartments on West Street, said: “We live across the road and we need sleep, as we work. Our effectiveness at work is reduced due to lack of sleep caused by noisy people outside Reflex and Flares, and the noise from inside.”

Matthew Dilley, of Holly House, Holly Street, added: “There is already a significant amount of late night noise and granting an extension to the licence is not only unnecessary but would make the level of noise intolerable for many residents.”

He added: “I recognise that, by living in the city centre, there will always be a certain level of noise but the right balance should be struck.”

Viper Lounge and Rooms’ owner Harewood Ltd had originally asked to open until 6am.

But Sheffield Council environmental health officer Jonathan Round is recommending no entry is allowed after 2am and that steps are taken to reduce potential for noise breakout from the premises.

Green Party Central Coun Rob Murphy has lodged the only objection to the Carver Street venues’ plans, on behalf of residents living nearby.

He said: “The premises are close to 30 apartments. The residents already have to contend with a lot of late night noise and anti-social behaviour.

“Currently, this does not extend past 3.30am and allows the residents the expectation of at least a four-hour window with limited noise to get much-needed sleep.”