Relationships matter at BDB

Audi showroom
Audi showroom
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A major factor in the ongoing success of BDB has been the emphasis on relationships with clients and our supply chain which has introduced a level of consistency in a market where these values aren’t always maintained.

Our experience has shown that operating in a non-confrontational manner brings rewards, and we are convinced that this has been major factor in our success, with the majority of our turnover consistently being repeat business.

The way we treat subcontractors and suppliers also plays a major part in the ongoing development of the business. In particular, we have a very strict and rigid policy that our supply chain is always paid promptly and on time, which we are convinced is an essential ingredient of our success when our operations are so widely spread.

Without the co-operation of our supply chain, we would be unable to operate as effectively as we do - indeed we have subcontractors who have worked with us for more than 20 years.

This emphasis, we believe, is the major factor in BDB being profitable every year since 1994, even during the many economic downturns we have seen in the intervening years, including the recent economic crisis where turnover was seriously affected - but we still produced profits.

Our clients include Audi, VW, Inchcape, Lookers, JCT 600 and Ridgeway and our operations are nationwide.

Greatest activity, perhaps not surprisingly, is in the South, with projects currently on site in Oxford, Bristol, Exeter, Crawley, Newbury, Tonbridge and Sunderland, with values ranging from £2 million to £8 million.

This is a far cry from our first contract in 1988 which was a small industrial unit on Hope Street in Rotherham with a value of £110,000 – a job we were delighted to win