Recovery speeds up figures show

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Sheffield’s recovery is picking up pace according to new figures which show 12,432 are claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance - down by more than 4,000 in the last year.

Some 3.4 per cent of adults available for work are on JSA, a big fall on the 4.5 per cent recorded in June 2013 when it was 16,693.

Unemployment has now fallen every month since February 2012, with the rate of people coming off JSA picking up speed, according to the latest Labour Market Statistics.

But the city still has some way to go until it reaches its lowest rate in recent times, which was 2.2 per cent in November 2007, when 7,698 people were claiming Jobseekers.

Nigel Coleman, Sheffield JobCentre Plus account manager, said: “The number of claimants has fallen every month for more than two years now.

“At first it was just 0.1 per cent some months, but it has defnitely picked up speed over the last eight months.”

The JSA rate for Yorkshire and Humber is 3.2 per cent and for Great Britain it is 2.4 per cent of people under pensionable age looking or available for work of at least 40 hours a week.