RAPID GROWTH: Number 4: Hallam Medical

Hallam Medical
Hallam Medical
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Hallam Medical is the UK’s fastest growing primary care recruitment specialist.

The company supplies a wide range of advanced nurse practitioners and healthcare professionals within the Primary Care and Community Services sector to both NHS and Private Healthcare Providers.

Its aim is to improve patient care and to provide a high quality, sustainable and cost-effective temporary workforce.

Last year the company supplied more than 650,000 hours of patient care across the UK; using 1,200 advanced nurse practitioners and saving the NHS more than £10,000,000 in traditional agency fees.

Huge staffing shortages exist in the UK for doctors and nurses, while the UK’s ageing population is also demanding more patient care from the NHS and private healthcare providers than ever.

Hallam Medical’s aim is to support clients by providing staff that add value and reduce cost while sharing best practice. This approach allows the company to align the interests of its clients, nurses and patients. The company’s management team’s clinical knowledge and recruitment experience is able to match existing and future healthcare staffing demand with the skills of its advanced nurse practitioners.

The single biggest challenge to growth is the ability to hire good, motivated people. 

Hallam Medical says all businesses, regardless of size, need to hire good people to allow them to grow. It looks for attitude and motivation when hiring rather than hiring purely on qualifications.

A company spokesman said: “Anyone can succeed with the right attitude within the right environment. We provide the latter and welcome applications from all candidates with the right attitude and motivation.”

What do you anticipate to be the main challenges to continued future growth?

Primary Care and Community Services are a relatively new concept in improving patient care and Hallam Medical anticipates this particular area to grow significantly going forward.

The main barriers to this growth are anticipated to be increased regulations and financial budget cuts, but it expects to be able to deal with both given its strong position on the National Nursing Frameworks alongside its excellent reputation and exceptionally highly trained nurses delivering extremely cost effective patient care.