RAPID GROWTH: Number 12: Wildgoose Construction

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How would you describe your business?

Wildgoose Construction is a main contractor securing construction contracts via a range of routes including design and build; fully designed; frameworks; two stage options and turnkey.

Our contracts include health, education, retail, industrial, commercial and leisure sector projects, with values in the range £2m to £10m.

What are the main drivers behind the recent growth of your business?

We have recently established Wildgoose Homes Ltd as a vehicle not only to formalise our speculative house building division, but also that of our land promotion activities.

Our growth has stemmed from a number of strategies which have contributed to where we are today, namely: focusing on higher value projects offering us scale economies within our construction teams; providing our service to a wider geographic area; targeting our projects to be on time, to quality and delivered in a team focused collaboration. We also focused on employing and developing motivated and highly skilled people.

What are the biggest challenges that you have had to overcome to achieve this growth?

Developing high quality and technically knowledgeable construction teams, establishing a quality supply chain capable of delivering technically complex projects and establishing client recognition of the Wildgoose and Wildgoose Homes brand.

What do you anticipate to be the main challenges to continued growth?

A post Brexit vote economic decline that could impact upon construction output. However, we are confident our competitiveness, quality product and strong management team will enable us to maintain our market share in any economic downturn.

We also consider the planning process, which differs between regions, could also be a challenge for Wildgoose Homes developments.