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Master Cutler Bill Speirs and Tata Steel Speciality's HR manager Mick Hood
Master Cutler Bill Speirs and Tata Steel Speciality's HR manager Mick Hood
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Master Cutler’s appeal to the region’s youth

Master Cutler Bill Speirs is appealing to local businesses and young people to make this year’s Master Cutler’s Challenge the biggest and best yet.

More than 300 local businesses and schools have raised half a million pounds for local good causes since the challenge began four years ago.

This year the Challenge’s theme is ‘developing talents’ and the aim is to raise the aspirations and skills levels of young people in the Sheffield region, in addition to raising money for good causes.

The Master Cutler said: “My passion is finding, developing and using talent. My Challenge this year plans to give young people opportunities to develop their talent and to raise as much money as possible with the principal aim of improving the employment prospects of 1,000 young people in the region. We need growth to bring increased wealth to our region.

“To do this, we need all the talent available. Currently, some youngsters are trapped in a cycle of working poverty or detached from the labour market.

“This is a waste of talent and economic potential which we need to address.

“Young people deserve a decent and productive job from which to build a better future. I can’t do this alone and I need your help to make the Master Cutler’s Challenge this year the biggest and best to have the maximum impact on the lives of young people.”

The Challenge will follow the same popular format, with the Master Cutler lending £50 at a special launch event at Cutler’s Hall on Monday March 28 to any business, organisation or school which commits to getting involved.

They will then be asked to use their talents, skills and entrepreneurial flair to turn the £50 into as much money as possible over the next few months.

The Challenge culminates in a final celebration at the Cutler’s Hall in September, when the Master Cutler will present certificates to those participating at a celebration of their successes.

Amongst those already signed up to the Challenge this year is Tata Steel Speciality, which is based in Stocksbridge and Rotherham.

HR manager Mick Hood said: “For Tata there is double the incentive to get involved in this year’s Challenge. Not only is it raising money to help young people’s chances of gaining future employment, but it is a fantastic development opportunity for our own apprentices and other staff to enhance their talents and skills whilst putting something back into the local community.”