Powerstar seeks to transform energy bills with new innovation

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Energy saving technology specialist EMSc is stepping up a level.

The Rotherham-based company is best known for its Powerstar range of voltage optimisation equipment, which helps business to cut electricity use, power bills and equipment failures by matching the voltage supplied to the requirement of the equipment – typically around 220 volts.

Now EMSc is launching a high voltage transformer and voltage optimisation system, called the Powerstar HV MAX, which will take a 11,000 volt supply and output 380 volts. EMSc says the HV MAX is particularly relevant for new developments, but it is also ideal for sites with older transformers and those where restricted space would make it difficult to add voltage optimisation.

Potential customers include utility companies, sites with secure data and critical operations including some offices, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets and educational facilities.

EMSc’s managing director Dr Alex Mardapittas says older transformers have high levels of standing losses.

What’s more, the majority of modern transformers on commercial sites use cold rolled grain oriented steel which results in significant losses, compared to the amorphous steel that is in the transformer EMSc uses.

“Powerstar HV MAX ensures that voltage is supplied to a site at a constant level regardless of the input instability. This guarantees that when the grid voltage varies the technology is able to hold the site voltage at the optimum level and maintain a higher level of savings,” added Dr Mardapittas.

In addition to reducing standing losses and energy consumption, the Powerstar HV MAX has been designed to be more than 98 per cent recyclable and have a payback period of less than five years.