Power cuts a huge concern for companies

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Nine out of 10 major UK businesses are worried about the security of their energy supplies, according to the Major Energy Users’ Council and Balfour Beatty subsidiary Power Efficiency.

The Council and Power Efficiency surveyed major commercial and public sector energy users with a combined energy bill of around £1 billion a year.

In addition to worries about power cuts and ‘brownouts,’ the organisaions found that more than nine out of 10 businesses think energy inflation poses a major threat to UK competitiveness. Six out of 10 businesses said they had a clearly defined energy and carbon reduction strategy in place and a similar number had plans to make substantial investments in energy efficiency.

Andrew Bainbridge, chairman of the Major Energy Users’ Council, said: “It is clear that big businesses are becoming increasingly alarmed by the energy perils they face and understand they must stiffen their resolve to actively manage and reduce their costs.”

Andy Wild, managing director at Power Efficiency, added: “This report highlights the complex issues facing business in the UK today and underlines why we believe the issue of energy management is moving ‘out of the plant room and into the boardroom’. It provides a compelling insight into why managing energy costs and securing security of supply will dominate the agenda of UK businesses wishing to remain competitive in the coming decade.”