Pension planning advice: free initial assessments from Sheffield firm

One of Sheffield’s most respected wealth management teams is offering vital support to help people through the pensions’ maze.

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Wednesday, 12th February 2020, 3:31 pm
Many people have workplace pensions from several employers, leading to uncertainty over just what each one might be worth.

Independent financial advisers Shorts is providing a no obligation, free preliminary retirement assessment to help pension investors get a clearer idea of where they stand now, and help them plan for the future.

The assessment is particularly helpful for people who may have acquired a number of pension plans throughout their working life and want to make sense of them in the run-up to retirement.

Many people have workplace pensions from several employers, leading to uncertainty over just what each one might be worth. Others may have taken out a private pension which has been taken over by a new provider or have found their original financial advisers have moved on, all of which adds to the confusion.

As a result, there is concern that many people are sleepwalking into retirement, unaware of whether their pension savings will enable them to fully fund the lifestyle of holidays, nights out and home comforts that they have become used to.

It’s thought the seemingly complex nature of pensions and a range of changes to the kinds of schemes available over the past few years has led to many people simply avoiding tackling the issue or mistakenly thinking it’s too late to make a difference.

According to a 2017 government pensions review, around 12 million people are “under-saving for their retirement”. Higher earners are said to be more likely to be falling behind with their pension savings and could be particularly hit by finding their income drop to the flat rate state pension of £168.20 per week.

It raises the risk that many people may hit retirement age without the funds they would like to help them achieve the best from their ‘golden years’.

A spokesperson for Shorts said: “The longer someone has to plan for their retirement, the better.

“But someone who is 10 or 15 years away from retirement can still really benefit from taking a look at what pension investments they have and how they are performing.

“That way they can look at putting plans in place to ensure they are not left short when retirement does come.”

Shorts was founded in 1890 and has decades worth of unbroken experience helping local people make the most of their money.

At the same time, its team of expert ‘gold standard’ Chartered Financial Planners use up to the minute data and new technology to tailor advice to each client’s individual needs.

Shorts’ independent status means it can look at the whole financial market – and not just certain providers – helping to deliver the best outcomes for its clients.

Shorts, which has offices at Napier Street, Sheffield and Ashgate Road, Chesterfield, is offering a free ‘no obligation’ preliminary retirement assessment.

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