Penistone firm caters to patients’ tastes with new hospital trolley

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A PENISTONE company that is helping to keep hospital food fresh, tasty and safe to eat has got a major boost from the NHS.

Anglo Caledonian Enterprises supplies ISECO patient meal trolleys and systems that can be used to transport hot and cold meals from the kitchen to the bedside at the right temperature and without causing them to dry out.

After the company won a contract to supply a system to serve 850 meals to patients at the Royal Bolton Hospital twice daily, the St Mary’s Street firm has reached an agreement with the NHS Supply Chain which allows hospital trusts to buy its food services systems without going through the usual costly and lengthy open tender process.

A hospital in Northern Ireland has already ordered more than £100,000 worth of trolleys as a result of the deal which could bring in orders of up to £8 million.

Anglo Caledonian director Nigel Senior said: “Traditionally hospitals transport meals on trolleys that use harsh convected hot air, which often means food has dried out or deteriorated by the time it gets to the wards so, of course, it’s unappetising.

“ISECO use clever and gentler thermo-contact technology to present pre-prepared food perfectly and safely every single service.”

Food can also be kept cool in the same trolleys by built-in refrigeration, a docking system or a system called Carbo-Fresh, which injects liquefied carbon dioxide into the cool unit.

Royal Bolton catering manager Margaret Meadows says the trolleys have been a huge success and have reduced energy use by at least 25 per cent.

Anglo Caledonian Enterprises is receiving help with its IT systems through the Enterprising Barnsley programme, which supports local companies with growth potential.