Parking problems blamed on Sheffield shopping centre staff

Cars parked on the side of a road near Crystal Peaks shopping centre in Sheffield.
Cars parked on the side of a road near Crystal Peaks shopping centre in Sheffield.
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PARKING restrictions imposed at a Sheffield shopping centre have led to scores of staff leaving their cars in nearby residential streets.

Sheffield South East MP Clive Betts has highlighted the problem which has come about because a four-hour limit is now being enforced in Crystal Peaks car parks.

There is staff parking available at the centre for 190 cars but 1,600 people work there in total – although many are part-time.

Cars entering and leaving the car parks at Crystal Peaks have been monitored by number plate-recognition cameras since November, with people overstaying the four-hour limit being sent fixed penalty notices.

Labour MP Mr Betts said: “I have received complaints about staff parking in surrounding residential areas including the Flower Estate, at Beighton, and housing areas on the western side of Crystal Peaks because they can’t get spaces in the staff car park.

“If some people have to come to work by car there should be an obligation to provide some sort of parking for them”

Crystal Peaks said the four-hour waiting limit has always applied to its public car parks and all stores had been contacted to alert staff.

Lee Greenwood, centre manager, said stores had been asked to encourage staff top use ‘alternative means of getting to work’ including the park and ride and cycling.

There was also a staff car park with 190 space.

He added: “Crystal Peaks has never advocated that store staff park on residential streets, nor will it do so.

“We monitored the extent of this issue over the busy festive period and will consider the requirement to issue further follow-up correspondence and support to retailers in the weeks ahead.”

Parking controls were relaxed at night to enable staff working late to park.