Parking company’s ‘legal victory’ is still a mystery

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IT’S now three weeks since Excel Parking announced it would reveal details of a historic legal victory over a motorist - but we’re still waiting.

The firm did say the case was settled out of court, which means its claims were not tested before a judge.

Many drivers argue Excel has no legal basis for demanding £100 for infringing the rules in private car parks.

We do know that in 2008 the firm lost two court cases against motorists and appears to have fought shy of judges since then.

In March 2008 a Mansfield judge said there was no justification for the £100 fine. He said it was a penalty charge and therefore unenforceable by the court.

And in May a judge in Wrexham said trespass was the only issue, but since Excel did not own the land it could not bring a case.

The firm has threatened non-payers with bailiffs and credit blacklisting – but neither can happen without a victory in court.

Meanwhile, Jenni Gordon, of Norton Lees, got a ticket for staying too long at Staples in Sheffield because she lost her car keys. Excel refused her appeal.

A spokesman said: “Although we sympathise with her, this is unfortunately insufficient reason to cancel the Parking Charge Notice.”