Opinion: People power still works

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It is heartening to see that politicians are still listening to the people.

Often it is easy to knock councillors and, of course, it is right that they are held to account by both the Press and the electorate.

However, news that people power has prompted a council U-turn – and saved winter gritting services on more than 140 Sheffield roads is welcome.

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More than 1,000 people had responded to a council consultation on the cuts to winter maintenance service. A further 1,500 people signed a petition against the plans.

The changes to the winter gritting service still mean many roads will go without precautionary treatment as the council looks to save £100,000 from its budget.

But most people will accept that if government funding to the council is cut then those savings will be passed on through various services.

Parts of Sheffield are often severely affected by bad winter weather so every effort must be made to keep those roads safe.

The sheer volume of responses to the council’s consultation demonstrated how important this issue is to people.

Credit must be given to everyone who took the time make their feelings known. And also to the council for listening.