ONLINE: The Star’s 20-page celebration of world’s best brand: Made in Sheffield

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Welcome to our celebration of the world’s best brand: ’Made in Sheffield’.

Gathered here are champions of one of the city’s greatest assets - globally renowned as a hallmark of hard-earned heritage, quality and innovation.

Every day, around the world, Made in Sheffield companies use it to win business.

But it goes beyond an industry accreditation – readers of The Star love it too.

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They rightly take pride in the success of manufacturers making world-beating products, growing, exporting, innovating and, most of all, creating jobs.

They appreciate craftsmanship, technical excellence, entrepreneurialism and the spirit of adventure, self-confidence and daring required to set the standards in business today.

But in Sheffield it was probably always this way.

It is the rest of the country that has caught the bug - manufacturing is cool again.

Only this week the Government published plans for an Industrial Strategy reflecting a renewed - and long overdue - interest in manufacturing. It comes after a year of publicity around a ‘fourth industrial revolution’ of robots, Big Data and 3D printing which Sheffield is well placed to lead.

And it was a Sheffield law firm, Irwin Mitchell, that produced one of its most important reports: ‘Go Fourth’. To download it click here

Twice a week, at least, manufacturers say to me, ‘we don’t shout loudly enough about our successes’ and you know what? They never will, because it’s not their job.

It’s ours.

For, after 129 years in business, campaigns such as the ‘Made in Sheffield’ series are still what The Star is about.

Sheffield Newspapers is a proud licence holder and our features have culminated in this supplement, sponsored by Sheffield accountants BHP, itself a champion of city business.

It is our contribution to the success of that most prestigious club.

And thanks to our hundreds of thousands of readers we are the organisation best placed to shout - so people the world over know exactly what it means to be ‘Made in Sheffield’.

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