Oil giant in city energy project

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Oil giant Shell and National Grid have signed up to join an alternative energy project led by Sheffield firm ITM Power.

The Hydrogen Gas Inject Feasibility Study is investigating the technical, financial and operational feasibility of adding hydrogen, produced using ITM technology, to the UK gas supply.

Electricity from renewable sources such as wind power would be used to run an ITM electrolyser, which passes a current through water to split it into hydrogen and oxygen.

Gas appliances like cookers, boilers and fires which are designed to run off natural gas will happily operate using a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen, so injecting hydrogen into the gas mains could be an economical way of reducing the amount of fossil fuel gas being burnt.

Dr Graham Cooley, chief executive of Brightside-based ITM Power, said: “Having both Shell and National Grid contributing to this project will provide a significant level of industry expertise and we are delighted to be working with these highly respected organisations.”

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