Offshore opportunities for Forgemasters

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Sheffield Forgemasters’ specialist design and project management division, Vulcan SFM, has secured a £1.3 million deal with a fast growing offshore engineering supplier.

Brightside Lane-based Vulcan will supply six drill riser joints to Norwich-based Aquaterra Energy.

The risers, which can be over 12 metres long, will be used to bring oil from wells under the North Sea to drilling vessels above.

Forgings sales manager, Neil Sawyer, said: “Vulcan has the ability to conduct all of the manufacturing stages for these components on one site, including machining, cladding and pressure testing, which means that we can closely monitor manufacturing progress and achieve tight schedule requirements.

“The Aquaterra contract is a great and positive outcome from a large body of development work which Vulcan has been conducting into offshore forging materials over the past 12 months.”

Winning the contract marks a significant success for Forgemaster’s strategy of increasing supply of forged steel components to the offshore market.

That strategy has also been bolstered by Forgemasters installation of a new, 4,000 tonne press, improvements to heat treatment facilities and the creation of a new, integrated machine shop.

Forgemasters says the global offshore oil and gas industry is thriving at the moment, due to a strong crude oil price, which is encouraging investment in expanding operations in existing and new oil fields.

As a result, Vulcan SFM has seen a dramatic increase in orders destined for Brazil, the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea.

n Vulcan SFM was launched in 2006 to provide expert engineering and metallurgy with focused project management coordinating the manufacturing activities in the engineering group SFEL.