OAP pension demo plan

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SENIOR citizens from around Sheffield are planning a demonstration calling for an increase in their pensions - claiming many elderly people are being pushed below the poverty line.

Sheffield Pensioners’ Action Group is in discussions with the council and police about holding a protest march and rally in the city centre on Friday, September 16.

Plans for the demonstration were proposed during a meeting held with fellow organisations from around South Yorkshire, plus Dot Gibson, of the National Pensioners’ Convention.

Nick Howard, of Sheffield Pensioners’ Action Group, said: “The Government may have restored the link between pensions and rises in earnings but people’s wages are not increasing much.

“There is also a link to inflation but that is to the Consumer Price Index, which tends to be lower than the Retail Price Index, which measures inflation in the prices people pay for things so is more relevant.”

He added pensioners had also been hit by the collapse of some private pension schemes and added: “State pensions are so low pensioners are falling below the poverty line.”