No more Talk pleads Den

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MAINTAINING its well earned reputation for bad customer service, Talk Talk has spent the last three months refusing to accept that Dennis Armstrong wants nothing to do with them.

Dennis, of St Leonards Avenue, Rotherham, signed up in January, but had to spend 40 minutes on the phone signing up again when the firm rang to say it had lost all his details. He claims he was told a £79.99 fee would be waived. But when he then received a £50 bill he cancelled - or thought he had.

Since then he has received two welcome packs and three calls from Talk Talk engineers trying to connect him, even though he has written three letters and is now with Plusnet. Dennis, aged 70, contacted Action Desk after receiving yet another bill - £66 for a new line: “I don’t know what part of ‘no’ they don’t understand.”


A TALK Talk spokeswoman said they were sending £20 to say sorry.

“I can confirm that the account Mr Armstrong disputes is disconnected, he will receive no further correspondence in relation to this.

“I would also like to apologise for the inconvenience.”