New success for city green energy business

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Leftovers from hotels and restaurants in Stockport are going to be turned into gas that can be used for cooking meals, thanks to technology supplied by Sheffield-based Chesterfield BioGas.

The firm – part of the Meadowhall-based Pressure Technologies group – has won a contract to clean raw biogas, produced from waste so that it can be fed directly into the gas mains.

John Hayward, chief executive of Pressure Technologies

John Hayward, chief executive of Pressure Technologies

The contract is the second for the firm, which installed the first biogas upgrading plant in the UK at Didcot a year and a half ago.

Chesterfield BioGas’s equipment uses technology developed by its New Zealand-based partner Greenlane Biogas and takes raw biogas produced by anerobic digestion – a processes which involves micro organisms breaking down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen.

The technology can process 300 cubic metres of gas an hour, turning it into 98 per cent pure biomethane.

The Stockport plant will be run by Fairfield Bio Energy – a partnership between green energy firm Bio Group and Centrica, the owners of British Gas.

Once it is up and running in the autumn it will generate enough renewable gas to supply the natural gas requirements of 1,400 homes.

Chesterfield BioGas’s managing director Stephen McCulloch said: “This is a considerable vote of confidence in our technology and performance.

“CBG established a firm working relationship with Centrica in the course of our work at the first UK project, which opened in autumn 2010, and we are delighted to be their preferred supplier once again.”

Pressure Technologies group chief executive John Hayward said: “Chesterfield BioGas is firmly established as the market leader in upgrade technology in the UK.

“As the only UK-based supplier and installer of this type of technology, we have the experience and expertise to manage projects to the exacting engineering and health and safety standards demanded by large utility companies and gas grid operators.

“We look forward to further progress in this market.”