New label tunes in to record success

Reece Johnson, of No More Noise Records, right, with Keith Williams from UK Steel Enterprise
Reece Johnson, of No More Noise Records, right, with Keith Williams from UK Steel Enterprise
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A business support specialist from Rotherham has decided to take his own advice, face the music and set up his own business.

Reece Johnson has joined forces with Steve Lynam and Stephen Roberts to launch a new house music record label in the town.

The trio of friends launched No More Noise Records with the help of a £500 grant from Tata Steel subsidiary UK Steel Enterprise’s Kickstart Fund after signing heavy house recording artist Dale Howard.

Reece, 27, works for Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council’s business support department and is running the label on a part-time basis with his friends.

No More Noise used the £500 grant to help cover the cost of Dale’s fee for recording a two-track EP, artwork and promotion.

The EP reached number 46 in the Deep/Tech House chart and Reece says he sees the early success as the first step on the ladder to building an established record label that can help aspiring artists.

Reece said: “Many record labels start out like ours and it can take time to get things moving but our chart success shows it is possible. The Kickstart funding was critical in getting us trading because without it we would still be waiting to approach an artist.

“We are already talking to a number of producers about promoting their work and have at least one well known artists in mind.”

UK Steel Enterprise regional executive, Allan Wood, believes Reece’s knowledge of his niche market will stand him in good stead when it comes to growing the record label:

Mr Wood said: “When it comes to launching a new business it’s vital to understand your market and Reece clearly does just that.

“He may be operating in a fairly niche market but the underground music scene is huge with the potential of thousands of people paying to download his new music.”

In addition to providing Kickstart Grants, UK Steel Enterprise invests sums ranging from £25,000 to £750,000 in companies in South Yorkshire and other areas affected by changes in the steel industry.