New homes to be built on nursery

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The owners of a former plant nursery in a Doncaster village have been given the go-ahead to build a mini-estate on part of the site.

Peter Dunston and his wife retired last year from the Plants of Special Interest in Braithwell High Street and sought planning permission to build 14 dwellings and garages on two acres of land at the rear of Cardwell Court.

Doncaster Council’s planning committee received a petition about conservation of the village and highway safety from residents of the village and Coun Bob Johnson spoke against it but members voted 7-2 in favour of the development.

As part of the consent Mr and Mrs Dunston will have to provide the sum of £42,000 from the value of the land sale to the council, because the estate will not include any public open space.

The amount is said to be 10 per cent of the site’s value.

Conservation officers have also insisted that a limestone wall on the Ashton Lane frontage should be built in keeping with existing boundaries in Braithwell.