New growth for handling expert

Schenck Process UK'n new facilities, close to the M18 at Thorne.
Schenck Process UK'n new facilities, close to the M18 at Thorne.
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Materials handling specialist Schenck Process UK is planning a major expansion in Doncaster.

The company, which was previously known as Clyde Process, is moving its existing factory and test centre from Doncaster’s Shaw Lane Industrial Estate, to new premises at Alpha Court, close to the M18 at Thorne.

Schenck is predicting that turnover will increase by more than 60 per cent this year, from £26 million to £42 million and has already created 21 new jobs.

The 230-employee company says it needs additional space for its new staff and to cope with a number of new contracts.

Schenck Process UK has been created over the last two years by bringing together Clyde Process and a company based in Stroud, called Redler, as part of the German multinational Schenck Process Group. While Clyde Process specialises in makes pneumatic conveying and injection equipment and dust filtration systems, Redler specialises in handling equipment for bulk materials.

Managing director Nick Jones said: “In spite of the difficult economic circumstances, we have seen increasing demand for our products and services.

“All three companies – Clyde, Redler and Schenck – had strong reputations within their specialist fields and by bringing them together, our clients now have access to an unrivalled service.

“Essentially we offer a one-stop shop for processes which meet the needs of a wide range of industrial sectors.

“The merger has allowed us to offer bespoke packages which no other company can match and it’s clear from current levels of demand that this is exactly what our customers want.

“We’re delighted to be expanding, creating new employment opportunities and a growing contribution to the regional economy – particularly in what are widely accepted to be very challenging conditions.”

Schenck Process has already started work at its new factory and anticipates completing the move within a year.