New food venture for cupcake queen

Amanda Perry of The Street Food Co
Amanda Perry of The Street Food Co
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Former Fancie cupcake queen Amanda Perry has bounced back from bankruptcy with a burgeoning new business.

The entrepreneur is the brains behind The Street Food Co which organises stalls at events at cities across the North including Sheffield, Manchester and Leeds.

It runs a monthly food and produce market at Abbeydale Picture House on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield.

Amanda is also working with Sheffield City Council to put food stands on prime sites in the city centre.

And she works as a sales, marketing and social media consultant and has plans to publish a street food cookbook and launch an online food business, she says.

Her success comes after a rollercoaster seven years with cupcake business Fancie.

At its height it had seven shops and was one of Sheffield’s most recognisable brands.

But it ended with her going bankrupt last year after her company went into liqudiation for a second time.

She said: “There was some naivete to begin with - it was a case of too much too quick.

“It’s been a difficult few years. You have to learn, take out the good bits and come to terms with the bad bits and rebuild your life.”

The Street Food Co aims to “curate” the food at events by vetting vendors for cleanliness and quality and preventing duplication.

It also handles red tape - such as environmental health - and helps negotiate reasonable pitch fees.

Amanda added: “I started Fancie in markets, it’s something I know a lot about.

“Done well, there is cameraderie and an element of theatre.”

Sheffield City Council is set to launch two new food pitches - outside the City Hall and at the top of Fargate - within the next month. The Street Food Co will organise the stalls, Amanda says.

“They will offer more variety for lunch.

“Street food is the fastest growing trend at the moment. Although it’s like cupcakes, when something is described as a trend a lot of people jump on the bandwagon. But if you’re not serious about doing it you’re not going to do very well.”