Never too early to make your will

IT's never too early but it can be too late to make a will.

New research reveals more than 27 million people in England and Wales do not have a will and those who need one are least likely to have one.

Unmarried couples are most at risk of losing property, personal possessions and cash if their partner dies without leaving a will.

Four out of five parents who have not made a will are gambling with their children’s future. Should both parents die unexpectedly, the courts may be left to decide who should look after them.

When asked most people say they simply haven’t got around to making a will, never thought about it or don’t want to think about dying.

Dying without a will can leave your family vunerable at the most emotional time of their lives.

It can create family feuds and leave relatives without their inheritance.

So why make a will?

Without a will, the law dictates who your estate goes to, which might not be consistent with your personal wishes. You can decide who will sort out your affairs when you die. It can take longer and be more costly to sort things out.

You can reduce your Inheritance Tax liability and also protect a significant part of your home should you need Long Term Care.

* Statistics and figures from National Consumer Council report September 2007