My First Car - Sheffield production firm director Hugh Mann Adamson

Hugh Mann Adamson filming at Let There Be Light Productions.
Hugh Mann Adamson filming at Let There Be Light Productions.
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Hugh Mann Adamson, 29, is a director of Let There Be Light Productions, a film production firm based in Sheffield’s Creative Quarter. His most memorable drive? A nerve-wracking journey to a film event in Liverpool which helped change his destiny.

My first car was a Nissan Almera - an old banger given to me by my brother-in-law.

Hugh Mann Adamson filming at Let There Be Light Productions.

Hugh Mann Adamson filming at Let There Be Light Productions.

I loved that car; it was my passport to freedom, but I loved film more and when I needed money to buy more film-making equipment I sold it with no regrets.

I haven’t owned a car since.

Me and my partners keep as much money in the business and we can and hire vans when we need them.

The drive I will never forget happened when I was 19, just six months after passing my driving test.

Nissan Almera.

Nissan Almera.

I was wobbly driver and hadn’t driven further than around my home town of Scunthorpe.

I’d already sold my car when I got invited to the National Youth Film Academy premiere screenings - in Liverpool.

It was a massive deal to me.

A film-making contact had invited me.

His film was being shown and I wanted to support him, but more importantly it was a fabulous opportunity to meet influential people from the industry and meet up with emerging talent I could collaborate with.

It would also give me a greater understanding of how the film industry worked. I simply couldn’t miss it.

It was on a Sunday morning - a strange time for such an event, but never mind.

I checked out the trains but none would get me there in time.

I didn’t have the money for a Liverpool hotel, so the only other option was to rent a car.

All I could afford was a Toyota Aygo with a 1.0 engine.

It was incredibly slow and I was terrified even before we set off from Scunthorpe.

I certainly wasn’t one of those cocky and confident young male drivers. I was pretty timid at the wheel.

I’d got hardly any driving experience. I’d never driven on a motorway or through a city centre, and I was going to be making the longest drive of my life in a car with an engine that sounded like a sewing machine.

I insisted a colleague went with me - as my sat nav and emotional support.

He was a much more experienced driver but he was younger than me and couldn’t hire a car himself.

We set off at 6am, giving ourselves four hours to get there.

As I turned the key I felt the fear. I was on the motorway in a matter of minutes and it WAS as bad as I had imagined.

There were massive lorries towering over us and cars were flying past so fast.

I was in the slow lane straining the engine to get to 70mph and gripping the wheel in terror.

My co-pilot was scared but hid it so well. If he had let on, I’d have lost even more confidence.

The 120-mile journey took us a whole three hours.

But in Liverpool our real Sat-Nav got us through the city centre to a cinema where the event was being held and we walked in with five minutes to spare.

I felt amazing; I’d conquered my fears and got us there in one piece.

The event was all I hoped it would be. It was inspirational and I met scores of really great people who have gone on to great things in the industry. I went on to work with some of them and they helped me advance my career. It was because of them that I went on to launch the business.

The drive home to Scunthorpe was much more relaxed!