MP backs pub tenants

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One of the borough’s MPs has welcomed moves to protect Doncaster’s pubs.

Doncaster Central MP Rosie Winterton joined other Labour MPs to vote for a new statutory code of conduct to regulate ‘pubcos’, the large firms that own thousands of British pubs and control them under agreements with tenant landlords.

The code will aim to stamp out abuse of the so-called ‘beer tie’, which forces publicans to sell certain types of beer, and will also cover the issue of rents.

Rosie said: “Pubs are vital hubs for communities in Doncaster. David Cameron’s inaction and broken promises on backing small landlords mean they are closing at an ever-increasing rate.

“The Government’s reforms aren’t perfect. There is still confusion as to whether they will include a ‘free of tie’ option which many local landlords support as it would allow them to buy their beer on the open market at the best price, but it’s a good start.”