MP attacks PM’s benefits policy

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David Cameron should read out the names each Wednesday at Prime Minister’s questions of the people who have died after the Government ‘stripped them of sickness and disability benefits’, a South Yorkshire MP has said.

Denis MacShane, Labour MP for Rotherham, today accused Mr Cameron and Sheffield Hallam MP and Deputy PM Nick Clegg of launching launched a ‘vindictive, vicious campaign to strip people with disabilities of their fundamental rights’.

The MP was speaking at a conference of the union Community at Wortley Hall, Sheffield. He claimed: “Between January and August last year on average 32 people died every week who the Government said were fit to work.

“David Cameron should read out each Wednesday the names of those who have been sacrificed to meet his targets for increasing poverty and misery among the weakest in society, while he rewards his millionaire mates with tax cuts worth £40,000 a year.”