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The EEF is looking for new offices in Sheffield as it comes to the end of the lease on its Broomgrove offices off Clarkehouse Road.

The manufacturers organisation, which has been increasing the number of people it employs in the city, says it is looking for modern premises that are more easily accessible from the motorway network.

“As our membership continues to grow there has been an increasing demand for a more accessible, convenient and appropriate location to deliver our services within the Yorkshire and Humber region,” says regional director, Andy Tüscher.

“We have identified a number of key locations within the Sheffield area and are well down the route to acquiring new premises.”

In the interim, the EEF is stopping making its premises available as a conference and meeting venue for outside organisations, but will continue to host meetings for members. Andy Tüscher said: “It has been an extremely challenging environment for city centre based conference venues.’’