Modern day workplace prove trade unions are in demand

When trade unions were formed in the 19th century, their focus was to obtain better pay and safer working conditions for workers. Hundreds of years on, the complexities of the workplace remain prevalent.

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Tuesday, 28th May 2019, 2:27 pm
In today’s world of employment it is important that people of all ages know their Rights.

Performance targeted jobs, wide-spread within call centres, demand an output from staff members which results in timed toilet breaks and other undignified rules. This contributes to the high number of work related stress, physical and mental health issues across the country.

‘Gig’ economy is another commonly used phrase which refers to short-term employment and Zero hour contracts. These exploit worker’s basic rights such as minimum wage, job security and holiday pay. These are the norm within a permanent contract, but void from these short -term alternatives. Over 5 million employees in the UK fall into the above categories.

In most cases union members get paid more than non-members and are more likely to get sick pay and pension benefits. Unions are also integral in ensuring that workplaces are equally inclusive for women, LGBT, Black ethnic workers and disabled people. Union Safety Reps check workplaces, report unsafe working practices and ensure companies comply to The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 ( HSWA ).

Roger Pheasey of the CWU South Yorkshire branch said: “In today’s world of employment it is important that people of all ages know their Rights. We offer a range of support including workplace representation and Legal Assistance. We have specialist teams who deal with employment tribunals and work in conjunction with law specialists.”

The CWU South Yorkshire branch, based in Rotherham, represents members in the communications sector including workers in Call Centres. With over 200,000 members nationwide, they represent employees of major companies within the communications industry such as Virgin Media, BT, O2 as well as the smaller companies who make up the UK’s communications sector

Roger continues: “There are a lot of myths and misunderstanding surrounding trade unions. Employers and human resource departments have been known to tell workers that they don’t need union representation. It is vital that every worker is aware that under UK Employment law, every worker is entitled to a union representation. It is very common for younger workers to believe they have no legal rights. Trade unions have fought for these rights for decades and will continue to defend these rights.

Corporate bosses continue to attack employment rights. We protect worker’s Rights and make sure they are treated fairly at work in accordance with Employment law, and if they are not, we offer full support through to resolution and justice.”

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