Millionaire to raise cash for Labour Party

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LABOUR leader and Doncaster North MP Ed Miliband has hired a wealthy property tycoon and former tax exile to help gather support and raise funds for the party.

Mr Miliband has appointed millionaire Andrew Rosenfeld to “advise on new initiatives focusing on fundraising and related supporter engagement” ahead of the poll, expected to be held in 2015.

Mr Rosenfeld is Labour’s biggest private supporter and has committed to donating £1 million.

He was embroiled in the cash for peerages row when Tony Blair was Prime Minister - although he was never accused of any wrongdoing.

The tycoon spent several years living as a tax exile in Switzerland although he is now a UK resident and pays tax.

Labour describes Mr Rosenfeld as “a businessman and philanthropist”, adding he was a former chairman of the NSPCC’s Full Stop campaign against child cruelty, which raised £250 million for the charity.

Mr Miliband said: “I am delighted to have on board someone with Andrew’s experience, whose record of campaigning and fundraising in the voluntary sector is of enormous value to the party.”

Mr Rosenfeld said: “I look forward to working with everyone to help in the development of an effective strategy which engages supporters at every level throughout the country.”