Meadowhall workers furious over ‘disgraceful’ state and safety of staff car park

Meadowhall staff have hit out at the ‘disgraceful’ state and safety of their staff car park.

The shopping centre currently provide more than 12,000 free car parking spaces for customers as well as a ‘dedicated car park’ for staff.

However, workers have hit out at the conditions of the car park, labelling them dangerous and unmaintained.

The car park, on Aisling Road, has a 2.4 star rating on Google and on the ‘opposite side of the actual shopping centre’.

The state of Meadowhall's staff car park

One worker complained that the car park was too far away from the entrance, especially when walking in the dark.

Pictures of the staff car park sent in to The Star also revealed huge puddles of standing water after a period of heavy rain.

They said: “Meadowhall have provided alternative parking for workers that are a fair walk if you’re working early or on a late shift.

“And the state of the place they have provided is a disgrace. It’s a nightmare when you are on late because it’s dark and lonely walking over there.

“I know it’s free but a bit of maintenance would help. I think it’s a disgrace people can be treated like this.”

A statement on Meadowhall’s website reveals there are 1,400 spaces less than 400m from the main entrances.

The decision was made by the Retail Panel Association to ensure a ‘customer first approach’.

Darren Pearce, Centre Director at Meadowhall, said: “Meadowhall has over 12,000 free car parking spaces at the centre including a dedicated car park for our retail and centre teams. Millions of pounds have been invested in our car parks as part of an ongoing cycle of investment, with specific works on the staff areas having taken place within the last twelve months.

“Whilst these car parks are generally free from issues, they are not immune from extreme weather conditions and these pictures reflect that. We do however welcome all feedback and will review this as part of our ongoing maintenance programme.”