Market has boosted visitors to The Moor

The Moor
The Moor
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More shoppers are visiting The Moor thanks to the effect of the new market, Sheffield Council says.

Footfall is up on The Moor and Pinstone Street, according to the City Centre Vibrancy report, but at a cost of shopper numbers in Fargate and Division Street.

Representatives of The Moor claim the area has seen a 20 per cent increase in footfall year-on-year.

But the council claims Fargate still has a ‘very high’ footfall, while report authors Simon Green and Brendan Moffett say The Moor’s increase in their report is explained by a spike after the market’s opening. A spokesman for the council said: “The impact of the Moor Market and stores such as TJ Hughes have increased footfall on The Moor. But Fargate still has a very high footfall with an average of 27,000 per day.”

Ranald Philips, asset manager for The Moor, said: “We have made great progress on The Moor and now the public can start to see and experience the results. The Moor is once again an integral part of Sheffield’s city centre. In the last year The Moor has had an average monthly 20 per cent increase in footfall.