Many users make LightWork

LEADING edge computer graphics specialists LightWork Design has confirmed its place as the leading company in the sector worldwide after notching up a record three quarters of a million users.

The Sheffield-based innovator produces advanced computer graphics software for rendering, simulation and visualisation.

This can produce what look like real-life pictures of finished products from Computer Aided Design data and recently launched innovative new technology which can create impressionistic and stylised image designs, which is expected to take the architectural market by storm.

LightWork’s technology is used in design systems developed by the world’s leading CAD software developers and its success in securing 750,000 users has delighted chief executive Gordon Oliver who founded the firm in a small Sheffield Science Park unit and has seen it grow over the last decade.

“This is a major accomplishment in the history of the company and demonstrates the continued growth that we have experienced throughout the 12 years LightWork Design has been in existence,” said Mr Oliver

“We have strived to provide a product which meets the most challenging demands of users and this important achievement indicates that we have been successful in doing so.

"Three quarters of a million users obviously agree with us and are already taking advantage of the leading-edge technology that LightWorks is able to provide.


"Not only is this testament to the high quality of our LightWorks product but also to the dedication and skills of all our employees who have been instrumental in making LightWorks the success it has become today.”

* PCAM Solutions - developers of the EZ-CAM range of computer aided design and manufacturing products originally launched by Bridgeport Machines in 1980 - has incorporated LightWork’s ‘MachineWorks’ technology into its software which has more than 10,000 users around the world.

MachineWorks simulates the production of components designed on a CAD/CAM system by a Computer Numerically Controlled machine tool so that designers can rapidly show that there will be no tool clashes or other problems when the cumputertised designs are downloaded to a ream CNC machine

MachineWorks technology will be integrated into version 12 of the EZ-CAM range of CAD/CAM solutions.