Long lost silver salver marks historic links between Derwent Fly Fishing Club and the Cutlers' Company in Sheffield

One of the world’s oldest fishing clubs has marked its long history with the Company of Cutlers in Sheffield following the rediscovery of a 151-year-old solid silver salver.

Friday, 22nd April 2022, 3:52 pm

Derwent Fly Fishing Club donated the plate to the manufacturers’ organisation in honour of the many freemen and members - historic and current - they share.

The salver was engraved with the names of 20 members and donated to the club in 1871.

But over the years its whereabouts were unknown until, in summer 2021, the committee received a letter from a Mr Ben Lockwood.

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Mark Ritson, left, hands the 1871 silver salver to Master Cutler James Tear at the Cutlers’ Hall.

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He said it had been given to him as a christening present by his grandfather, and member, Joseph Cyril (a.k.a. Tommy) Lockwood in 1944.

Mark Ritson, fisherman, freeman and managing director of Inspec Solutions, takes up the tale.

He said: “The plate was gifted by the fishing club, with the happy agreement of Ben Lockwood, to the Cutlers’ Company where it will be permanently displayed for future generations to see and admire.

Mr Ritson fishes the River Derwent.

“Finally in 2022 the salver has found its way to what in many ways is its spiritual home.”

Mr Ritson handed it to current Master Cutler James Tear in a presentation at the Cutlers’ Hall on Church Street in Sheffield city centre.

He added: “The club is still going strong, and actually fishes and lovingly cares for the same parts of the River Derwent as it did over 180 years ago.”

Derwent Fly Fishing Club was founded by a group of Sheffield industrialists, lawyers and businesspeople in 1838, a year after after Victoria succeeded to the throne - and 20 years before the first rules of football were written in the city.

The prestigious list of members includes more than 20 Master Cutlers, Sir Samuel Osborne, Wilson Mappin, Lord Riverdale, Herbert Hutton and members of the Cammell family.

Members in 1871 include famous landscape painter James Poole, William Stones, a brewer who is still a household name in Sheffield, Thomas Vickers, George Wilson and Thomas Bradbury, whose silversmithing company made the salver.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries the Cutlers’ Hall often hosted club dinners and committee meetings, Mr Ritson added.

But the river, and the fishing, are in Derbyshire.

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