Lights out in Sheffield street

Valerie Wilson, of Jedburgh Street, Wincobank, has been complaining about street lighting.
Valerie Wilson, of Jedburgh Street, Wincobank, has been complaining about street lighting.
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RESIDENTS on a Sheffield street have been kept in the dark for a month due to complications repairing their street lights.

Work on Jedburgh Street, Wincobank, was only starting this week – more than a week after the lamps failed – and could take up to 20 days to complete.

Pensioner Valerie Wilson, who has lived on the street for 40 years, said: “I have never experienced anything like it. After 10pm when people go to bed it’s pitch black. I’m outraged we can be left like this.”

Mrs Wilson, pictured right, said residents have ‘grave concerns’ for the safety of homes and cars in the darkness .

Jedburgh Street is also a through road leading onto Standon Road and Fife Street.

Mrs Wilson said: “Cars are always speeding up and down the street. I’m worried cars are going to get hit or worse, a person could be a victim of a road accident.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous how long the repairs are taking. There are only three street lamps on the street so I don’t understand why it’s taking so long.”

Mrs Wilson said streetlighting is insufficient for the length of street.

She said: “The street is several hundred yards long and to have so few lights is not good enough.

“I appreciate Sheffield Council is short of money, but they are renewing the lights at the moment, so it is a good time to add more.

“Also, there is very little lighting around the bungalows where I live and we could do with some more.”

Coun Jack Scott, council cabinet member for environment and streetscene, said: “Our night inspection team immediately looked into the matter and have been advised by electricity company Northern Powergrid repair work is planned.”

A Northern Powergrid spokeswoman said: “We were aware of the fault with the street lighting and are going to investigate. We apologise to residents.”