Legal help is offered to town landlords

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A DONCASTER law firm has brought together a team of experts to guide landlords through the legal minefield of renting properties.

Atherton Godfrey has acted in response to the growing number of cases where private residential landlords have fallen foul of the law, often because they were not aware of their legal obligations.

Stacey Pocock, a property litigation solicitor with the Hallgate firm, said: “Being a landlord brings many responsibilities. There have been a number of incidents reported in the regional press where landlords have received hefty fines or even custodial sentences simply for not adhering to their legal obligations.”

One recent incident concerned a Bessacarr landlord who was forced to pay a fine of more than £6,000 after Doncaster Council prosecuted for contravening HMO regulations.

Stacey added: “There is a strong message here to landlords that they must comply with relevant regulations. Unfortunately for them, ignorance of the law is no defence and does not get them out of paying the penalties.”