Legal costs firm creates 30 jobs

Chairperson Teresa Aitken of PI Costing, Doncaster. Picture: Andrew Roe
Chairperson Teresa Aitken of PI Costing, Doncaster. Picture: Andrew Roe
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A Doncaster legal costs company is planning to create 30 jobs after a string of big civil claims including the horsemeat contamination scandal.

PI Costing, of Regent Terrace, has just won the contract to draw up the legal bill for a British supermarket which successfully sued a supplier in Ireland.

Staff will go through boxes of legal papers before calculating a solicitors’ bill to be sent to the losing side.

The firm is set to hire 30 staff by the end of this year, according to company chairwoman, Teresa Aitken, aged 42.

She said: “We are ready to grow again this year. Our success comes from making sure we are working for the right firms, choosing clients carefully and becoming more specialist. We are getting more of a share of certain cases such as childbirth injuries.

“We are basically an outsourcing company, it makes no sense for a partner in a law firm working for £300-an-hour to create a bill wh en we can do it for between £146 and £111 an hour.”

Teresa founded the firm 19 years ago, aged just 23. It now employs 105 people in six offices across the country and last year saw turnover grow from £3.6m to £4.2m.

And it is looking to the future by spending £200,000 on bespoke software which will allow solicitors to fill in their charges as they go along.

It will be the firm’s third attempt to “go digital” after two costly failures, Teresa added.

“We’ve wasted a lot of money trying to get this going over the last 10 years, we are a niche industry and it’s very difficult. And unfortunately the majority of solicitors aren’t great with computers, however they are catching up.

“Are we going to be replaced by computers? Yes, the writing is on the wall.”

The firm plans to move into training and international work. It has ties with an Australian company and could set up an office in Singapore and Hong Kong, Teresa added.

“I’ve grown the firm from nothing, I don’t want to retire, I feel very emotionally attached to it.

“Now I just want the luxury of deciding where I spend my time.”